The Ohana Campus

Ohana offers families and communities a groundbreaking pathway for fostering mental health in children, teens, and young adults. The Ohana campus, designed in partnership with NBBJ, embodies our focus on mental fitness and treatment, with every aspect thoughtfully planned to enhance healing power.

Ohana entrance

The lobby entrance to the Ohana campus.

Ohana courtyard

A spacious courtyard designed to embrace patients and staff.

Ohana music room

Music, art, and other therapy are features of the new space.

Ohana campus basketball hoops

The Ohana campus gymnasium.

Ohana campus lobby

Ohana's outpatient therapy lobby and waiting areas.

Art shown: Leah Rosenberg (American and Canadian, born America, 1979) Wind, waves/Season change —/Rain, trees/Dancing leaves, 2023. Commission made possible by the Maurine Church Coburn Endowment Fund. © Leah Rosenberg

Ohana campus

Art murals throughout the campus create a healing environment for patients, visitors, and staff. 

Art shown: Jet Martinez (American and Mexican, born Mexico, 1973), Azul. Entre Mar y Cielo, 2023. Acrylic. Commission made possible by the Maurine Church Coburn Endowment Fund. © Jet Martinez

Ohana campus

Ohana campus entrance.

Ohana campus awards

  • 2023 Structures Awards honor - Ohana's campus was awarded for its innovative design that promotes healing and wellness by Silicon Valley Business Journal. The award honors the most significant and impactful real estate projects in the region.

  • 2022 Healthcare Design Award - The Ohana campus received honors from American Institute of Architects for “best of healthcare building design, healthcare planning, and healthcare design-oriented research.” See what the Academy of Architecture for Health had to say.

Innovative, Evidence-based Design to Foster Healing

Research shows that a calming, supportive environment plays a critical role in mental health treatment and healing. We designed the Ohana campus to help young people and their families feel welcome, safe, and comfortable, with respect for their privacy and sensitivity to each individual’s health needs.

Exposure to nature can help lower cortisol levels, a measure of stress. Nestled among oak trees in the coastal canyon hills of Monterey, the Ohana campus will blend in with the landscape and reflect its natural surroundings. With inspiring views from every room, abundant natural light, and open spaces with high ceilings, the Ohana campus will offer young people and families hope, curiosity, and possibility — the opposite of “institutional.”

In mental health care settings, research also shows that reducing crowding and noise may lessen stress for patients and staff alike. At Ohana, we designed spaces where our team will provide individualized care for every level of psychiatric and psychological health needs, both residential and outpatient. From private residential rooms to a variety of gathering spaces devoted to music and art, our campus will provide a place where young people can discover possibilities through creative expression. Features include an outdoor amphitheater for classes and music, gardens with immune-boosting plants and vegetables, and outdoor terraces and patios that encourage both group connections and private reflection. The Ohana campus features curated and interactive artwork and murals which have been proven to improve health outcomes, reduce lengths-of-stays, support emotional processing and self-empowerment, and enhance the patient and family experience.

Ohana's transformative work

Community Resource for Mental Fitness

In addition to patient care, the Ohana campus serves as a community center and gathering place for classes and programs dedicated to mental fitness and family support. The facility also includes indoor and outdoor spaces for staff to tend to their own wellness and self-care.

Building Features and Amenities

Features of the 55,600 square-foot facility include:

  • Outpatient treatment wing
  • 16 residential beds (opening Spring 2024)
  • Individual, group, and family treatment rooms
  • Meditation and private comfort rooms
  • Indoor and outdoor recreational and quiet spaces, including a gym
  • Kitchen and dining area
  • Family resource center
  • Space for community activities
  • Classrooms for engaging youth and families
  • Space for training and workshops

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